Gulf of Poets sailboat rental

Boat and yacht rental in La Spezia

The last stretch of the eastern Ligurian coast is known as the Gulf of Poets or the Gulf of La Spezia. The beauty of these places is simply disarming. Charming pastel-coloured villages, majestic medieval castles overlooking the sea, colourful landscapes and beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. Thanks to its mild climate and protection from cold winds, it is the ideal place for a holiday in any season.

For centuries, many poets, painters and artists have chosen this area to live in it or as a holiday resort, inspired by its breath-taking beauty. Among the famous people who have been here, we can mention Montale, Wagner, Shelley and Lord Byron. This is why the Gulf of Poets was called.

At the two opposite ends of the bay are the villages of Porto Venere and Lerici, both settlements are of exceptional interest from a historical point of view. In the central part of the Gulf is La Spezia, a town with an important historic centre and a large port.

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